At no time in the last century have so few held so much of our nation's wealth, nor have our children faced less prosperity than their forebears.

The two-party system has failed us. The moment has come for American citizens to come together for our mutual benefit to solve the problems that lie before us. The Justice Party issues a clarion call to join our community of concerned Americans demanding social, economic, and environmental justice for all, not just for the wealthiest Americans and their corporations. The Justice Party is a grassroots, broad-based, real political alternative to the corporate-controlled Democratic and Republican parties. We invite you to help build America's just future. 

Getting the corrupting influence of money out of politics

The Justice Party is committed to eliminate the systemic corruption in government caused by the undue influence of concentrated sources of wealth (both corporate and individual), which has led to many serious ills in our society, including widespread poverty, infant and maternal mortality, expensive and inaccessible healthcare, record incarceration rates, and environmental destruction.





Military tensions are once again on the rise in Syria. We Americans cannot sit still while our government wages unending war on foreign nations, bringing us ever closer to global military turmoil.

Just one year ago the Trump administration announced its intention to draw down U.S. involvement in the conflict in Syria, and to cease its years-long call for regime change there. Within days came reports of a chemical attack by Assad-led forces against civilians in the rebel held Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun.

Almost immediately, both major political parties, the American military industrial complex, and the U.S. media were crying loudly and unanimously for retaliation against Assad and Russia, Syria’s closest and most powerful ally. President Trump wasted little time obliging them in the form of missile strikes on Assad-held targets, escalating tensions with Russia and retrenching the U.S. position on Syria.

A year later this scene is once again playing out in almost identical fashion. Earlier this month Trump signaled the government’s plan to withdraw American troops from Syria, having largely accomplished the goal of defeating ISIS there. Again, mere days later came news of another chemical attack by Assad against Syrian civilians. And once again, there is virtual unanimity among the political establishment, military, and western media that the only acceptable response is retribution and a renewed commitment to military involvement in Syria.

This situation is unacceptable. We cannot remain silent while our government continues a politically motivated, attack-first-ask-questions-later brand of foreign policy. While our president, egged on by warmongering politicians, exercises the war power without proper congressional authorization and our media fans the flames of American lust for military aggression without so much as questioning the motivations and justifications underlying such catastrophic acts.

If we, as citizens, do not become involved, we are complicit in the inevitable outcomes of our nation’s actions. We must demonstrate. We must protest. We must support and elect candidates who will stand up to our military-aligned political establishment and put a stop to the destructive cycle being perpetuated in Washington. We must make our voices heard, in the streets and at the ballot box. We MUST defeat the stranglehold of the special interest-controlled duopoly on the American political system. There is no alternative. We must act, and we must act now.   

Below are links to protests across the country, with more being organized every day. Find an event in your area and encourage others to do the same. For updates go to our Facebook page: or on twitter at @JusticePartyUSA.


April 14, the White House, Washington, D.C. 


April 14, Phoenix


April 12, Pittsburgh


April 12, Los Angeles


April 15, Seattle



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