Vision, Mission and Core Values

VISION - What the Justice Party envisions

A peaceful nation and world where social, economic, and environmental justice prevail:

Social Justice: Every person's civil and human rights are protected; everyone has the opportunity to obtain an excellent education from early childhood through college or trade school; affordable and high-quality healthcare is available for everyone; government is not controlled by wealthy corporations and individuals, but is truly of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Economic Justice: All people are provided with opportunities for prosperity; poverty is eliminated; the “middle class” is thriving; and our economy is appropriately regulated so that all members of society are treated fairly.

Environmental Justice: The earth's inhabitants are safe from catastrophic, human-caused climate disruption; nature is protected and preserved through sustainable practices; and our air, water, and food supplies are clean and healthy.


MISSION - How the Justice Party intends to achieve our Vision

Raise awareness, inspire, organize, and mobilize to include and engage people of broad diversity in collaborative movement-building and achieving electoral success in order to realize our Vision of a peaceful nation and world where social, economic, and environmental justice prevail.


CORE VALUES - The principles guiding the behavior of members of the Justice Party and defining the culture of the Justice Party

Justice: Behave with fairness and compassion, and be accountable for one’s actions;

Integrity: Act with integrity, taking the high moral road and doing the right thing;

Respect: Treat all people, including those with different views, philosophies, and circumstances, with respect;

Transparency: Communicate honestly, thoroughly, and transparently;

Collaboration: Seek solutions in the public interest through communication and cooperation;

Rationality: Reach decisions consistent with facts and reason;

Effectiveness: Work hard, and work efficiently by planning first, then acting;

Farsightedness: Consider not only the immediate, but also the long term, consequences of our actions;

Human Rights: Respect individual freedoms and human rights; and

Rule of Law: Uphold the equal application of the rule of law.