Raise the Wage Campaign

Raise the Wage Campaign

Under the pillar of Economic Justice, the Justice Party envisions a world where all people are provided with opportunities for prosperity; poverty is eliminated; the “middle class” is thriving; and our economy is appropriately regulated so that all members of society are treated fairly. By participating in this collaborative campaign, we will raise awareness, inspire, organize, mobilize and engage people of broad diversity to reduce income inequality.



Since the burst of the housing bubble in 2008, which has its root deep in policies created by the Democratic and Republican parties, millions of us—our friends, family members, neighbors—have fallen into poverty. They have joined millions of other low-wage workers already living in poverty, who do not earn enough money each month to meet their basic needs despite being fully employed productive members of society.

Justice demands action. This campaign begins with addressing the inequities of corporate rule and government inaction on low-wage workers. It is...

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Support the Black Friday protests!

Write a 'Letter to the Editor' to raise awareness: 200 words, 249 words, 275 words (TXT format)

Time for a Raise Resource Page

Expose the TPP Action Page



WEB SITE: Making Change at Walmart:

    Fact sheet
    Media coverage

WEB SITE: OUR Walmart.org:


WEB SITE: Walmart 1%.org

LISTEN: Raise the Minimum Wage with Ralph Nader and Rocky Anderson

WATCH: Wealth Inequality in America

WATCH: Bill Moyers interviews Robert Reich



2014 Brings Pay Increases to Minimum Wage Workers 1/2/14

Fast Food Strikes Hit 100 Cities Thursday 12/4/2013

The Road Forward for a $15 Hour Minimum Wage 12/5/2013

Activists Are Arrested Protesting Walmart’s Low Wages 11/29/2013

Gains from Trade? The Net Effect of the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement on U.S. Wages (PDF)

Welfare-to-work law encourages low wages, raises dependency on federal benefits 11/3/2013

Unethical Academia: The Next Front for Low-Wage Worker Uprising? 10/17/2013

U.S. poverty rises despite economic recovery 9/17/2013


The Justice Party seeks economic solutions that lead to economic prosperity for all Americans through measures that will grow the Main Street economy and address the causes of the gross disparity in wealth and income in the United States, now greater than at any time since the 1920's.

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