Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

  • Support and adhere to the fundamental values and principles contained in the Constitution;
  • Implement policies that strengthen businesses, domestic employment, innovation, and the competitive global position of the United States; live within our means (except as war, catastrophe, or impending economic collapse may require);
  • Operate an efficient, effective, and transparent government;
  • Operate a government that meets the needs of its people, including their health, education, environment, and well being; and
  • Restrict the influence of money, particularly from the corporate sector and other sources of concentrated wealth, on legislation and government policies.

Our Values

  • Treat all people, including those of future generations, with respect;
  • Always act with integrity, i.e., always take the high moral road and do the right thing;
  • Communicate fully and transparently (except when absolutely necessary to maintain secrecy to protect our national interest);
  • Listen first, understand other perspectives, then respond;
  • Be a consensus builder, domestically and internationally;
  • Make decisions based on facts;
  • Respect the fundamental values and principles contained in the Constitution; and
  • Respect and uphold the rule of law.

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