Staggering wealth and income inequality, rampant social injustice, and imperialist foreign policy have become unfortunate hallmarks of the United States of America. Powerful private interests have usurped our democracy, buying elections, spending millions to lobby congress, filling the ranks at regulatory agencies, and creating partnerships with state lawmakers to introduce legislation that serves their interests, with a complete disregard for the people. As both Republican and Democratic leaders enjoy the perks of corporate sponsorship, everyday Americans struggle to pay their bills and secure necessary health care; children receive substandard education in inadequately funded schools; young adults are saddled with oppressive debts; immigrant families are torn apart; veterans commit suicide or fall victim to addiction and homelessness; incomes stagnate and inequality grows; prisons overcrowd with mostly non-violent, minority offenders; and U.S. bombs kill countless innocent people in all many different countries.

This must stop.

The Justice Party is calling upon everyone in this country to join us in restoring our democracy.

The corrupting influence of money must be removed from our political system. 

And as we reclaim our democracy, we will fight to make social, economic, and environmental justice a reality.

We believe in a fair America. One that is a strong and compassionate global leader. A nation in which opportunity is abundant and equally available. A country in which justice prevails.

Join our fight to realize:

Racial Justice:

  • Improve policing:
    • End the failed War on Drugs.
    • Retrain and demilitarize the police.
    • Promote community policing.
    • Empower community-led police conduct review boards.
    • Review standards of justification for police use of force.
  • Reform punishment and incarceration:
    • Support restorative and transformative justice programs led by communities.
    • Eliminate the use of private, for-profit prisons.
    • Improve conditions in carceral facilities.
    • Implement Rehabilitative practices in carceral facilities.
    • Introduce effective, long-term reintegration programs for people leaving jails and prisons.
  • Change sentencing laws:
    • Eliminate mandatory minimums.
  • Treat drug addiction as public health issue:
    • End the failed War on Drugs and focus instead on funneling those struggling with addiction into rehabilitative public health programs and not into jails and prisons.
    • Introduce programs to support legal cannabis businesses and other legal entrepreneurial ventures, in communities most impacted by poverty and the War on Drugs.
  • Repeal and reform civil asset forfeiture laws to protect all Americans and those surveilled by police, accused and convicted of crimes
  • Protect voting rights by automatically registering citizens at age 18 and rooting out discriminatory voter laws.
  • End quota funding for municipal governments, which encourages police harassment
  • Promote equal opportunity
  • Support judicious affirmative action policy, coupled with improvements in education from the earliest stages


Women's Justice:

  • Uphold equal pay and opportunity:
    • Legally ensure through scrutiny and enforcement that equal pay and equal opportunities are guaranteed to all women in the workplace.
  • Empower women in education:
    • Facilitate the greater inclusion of women, particularly those who face more barriers, in STEM fields.
  • Respect body autonomy:
    • Secure women's access to reproductive healthcare, including decision-making authority over their bodies and their reproductive options.
  • Promote a culture of respect and equality for women:
    • Challenge patriarchal norms by supporting organizations that educate about and promote consent, and that empower women and girls.


LGBTQ Justice:

  • Legally affirm trans identity
  • Ensure complete legal protection for all LGBTQ persons
  • Introduce stronger hate crime laws
  • Promote equal opportunity
  • Defend marriage equality



Immigration Justice: 

  • Renew and expand DACA
  • Support sanctuary cities and institutions
  • Protect against discriminatory "Show Us Your Papers" laws
  • De-privatize and improve conditions in immigration detention facilities
  • Check and hold accountable illegal oversteps and harassment by ICE



Workers' & Economic Justice:

  • Support cooperatives
  • Support unions
  • Expose and end tax evasion on part of large corporations
  • Fine and tax large corporations, with strict penalties for corrupt, monopolistic, abusive, or polluting businesses
  • Reward socially responsible businesses
  • Support small business owners
  • Raise the minimum wage
  • Guarantee workers' protections
  • Offer skill-building training
  • Prosecute Wall St. bankers responsible for housing collapse



Student & Education Justice:

  • Enhance and democratize pre-school education, making it high quality and available to all Americans
  • Increase funding to improve K-12 education, and improve the curriculum, targeting schools in low-income areas
  • Invest in continuous teacher training and development and provide educators with better financial incentives
  • Remove law-enforcement presence from schools, and replace it with well-trained peace-keeping administrators and competent peer courts with a restorative/transformative justice approach
  • Provide free public higher education to all Americans



Food & Environmental Justice:

  • Combat climate crisis: lead discussions on climate change at the international level, and promote largest consumers and polluters shouldering the majority of the burden
  • Subsidize green infrastructure and promote a green economy:
    • Reward businesses that use green energy, and subsidize access for the government. 
  • Repeal all draconian legislation such as mining and terrorism enhancements, that is used to target environmental, animal rights, and other activists by erroneously labeling even peaceful activism as terrorism
  • Implement sustainable urban agriculture; support businesses and groups already doing this work
  • Eliminate food deserts with urban revival, urban agriculture and subsidized grocery programs:
    • Promote access to healthy food.
  • Tax Big Agribusiness polluters and reward small, organic farmers
  • End the corn subsidy
  • Halt the introduction of new GMO products on the market and label those currently in circulation.
  • Protect small farmers against large corporations
  • Keep regulatory agencies strong and absent of conflicts of interest
  • Improve animal welfare:
    • Phase out CAFOs and similarly unhealthy and abusive farming practices, while rewarding sustainable, organic, smaller scale community and cooperative methods.
    • Introduce stronger legislation to require humane treatment of animals.



Health Justice:

  • Implement single player healthcare plan
  • Research and integrate more holistic care methods, relying less on pharmaceutical treatments
  • Focus on community nutrition and mental health:
    • Implement community based, culturally relevant nutrition education and gardening projects
    • Incentivize citizens and businesses to promote healthy lifestyles
  • Recognize mental health as a national issue:
    • Research extent of problem and develop sustainable solutions
  • Take HIV/AIDS seriously and work to substantially decrease new infections
  • Improve sexual health and substance abuse education throughout the U.S., emphasizing safe sex, promoting full and complete consent, and healthy masculinity, as well as mindfulness techniques



Faith Justice:

  • Protect the freedom of religion, and rights to practice it, so long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others
  • Foster an environment of inter-faith dialogue, understanding, and community


Press Justice: 

  • Promote a free press not censored by government or business
  • Protect whistleblowers and act on the information they provide


Tech Justice:

  • Dismantle the surveillance state and the militarized police that accompanies it
  • Enhance privacy laws and prosecute agencies, firms, and individuals that violate privacy protections and the 4th Amendment
  • Promote access to education about and use of technology
  • Research and explore limits on artificial intelligence projects
  • Protect just and equal internet access



International Justice:

  • Respect sovereignty of other nations
  • Promote a recognition of and respect for human rights
  • End all current wars
  • Ban wars of aggression
  • End the drone program
  • Engender a culture of international interconnection and community
  • Support groups around the globe in their struggles for human rights, dignity, and independence
  • Encourage continued public education regarding international humanitarian conditions:
    • Palestine
    • Kurdistan
    • Catalonia
    • Cuba
    • Chiapas
  • Improved public awareness of and government treatment of U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico and Guam