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In Wake of Disastrous Election Cycle, Justice Party Offers Alternative to Disillusioned Voters

Salt Lake City, Utah – November 1, 2016 – The Justice Party, formed in 2011, prior to the 2012 presidential bid of former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, announced today it is re-entering the political arena with full force after keeping a low profile during the 2016 presidential election. The Party, with a three-pronged focus on social, economic, and environmental justice, offers a viable, common-sense alternative to the dysfunctional two-party system that currently controls American politics.

Because the positions of Bernie Sanders’s campaign were consistent with those of the Justice Party, the party endorsed Senator Sanders’s candidacy rather than fielding a candidate of its own in the 2016 presidential race. Following Senator Sanders’s loss to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary, the Justice Party chose to avoid any activity, such as running its own candidate for president, that might ultimately aid in the election of Donald Trump. With the election now drawing to a close, Justice Party leaders are shifting their focus to the 2018 mid-term and 2020 presidential elections. As part of that effort, they are working to harness the widespread feeling of frustration with the current corrupt political system and the Democratic/Republican duopoly that created it.

According to Anderson, “There has never been a time in recent history in which the American people have been so disillusioned with our political system. That disillusionment was reflected in the passionate, widespread support of Bernie Sanders, particularly among young people, and in the nomination of Donald Trump. The corrupting influence of money has played a major role in causing unnecessary and illegal wars, astounding income and wealth inequality, a discriminatory and out-of-control criminal justice system, outrageous student debt, record health care costs and lack of access for millions of people, and continuous assaults on our environment, among many other unaddressed injustices.” Although Anderson acknowledged there are many Democrats and Republicans who recognize the seriousness of the problem and want to solve it, “there is simply too much stagnation and corruption within those parties to change from within. We need a viable alternative to the duopoly’s stranglehold on the country’s political system. The Justice Party, which intends to restore a government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people, is that alternative,” he said.

“The two major political parties have allowed mega-corporations and other concentrated sources of wealth to determine public policy. It is certainly not the interests of ordinary Americans that are being promoted by our government or the two ruling parties,” said Brian Jones, Executive Director of the Justice Party. “A significant portion of the electorate has expressed the sentiment that the candidate choices they’ve been given in this election are wholly unacceptable.  People are ready for something radically different.”

Far from simply representing a symbolic protest of the hyper-partisan duopoly, Justice Party representatives believe the party’s policies, designed to promote the principles of social, economic, and environmental justice, will appeal to Americans from across the political spectrum.  In addition to the overarching goal of addressing the corrupting influence of moneyed special interests in politics, issues such as reducing sky-high incarceration rates, reversing growing income and wealth inequality, eliminating poverty, and implementing sound energy policies that will help us quickly transition to clean energy sources, are high on the party’s list of priorities.

Party leaders intend to organize, register, and staff state parties throughout the country, and begin fielding Justice Party candidates in local races as soon as possible. Mr. Anderson intends to be integrally involved in these efforts. As for the Justice Party’s long-term future, Anderson is confident the dissatisfaction with the status quo that has swept the nation will continue far beyond November. “People so desperately want a just government that represents them and addresses the needs of their families and communities. People simply want a government and political leaders that respect all people and are committed to the principles of equality and fairness, providing the foundational opportunity to achieve the American dream,” he said. “I know that working together, we can make it happen. The Justice Party will be a means for us to organize together and deliver the kind of government we expect and deserve.”

For information about the Justice Party, contact Brian Jones at (801) 303-1150 or at

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