Restorative Justice

On July 27, Luis J. Rodriguez, the Justice Party 2012 Vice Presidential candidate, discussed restorative justice, gang peace, prevention/intervention, and prison reform. With Luis was his son Ramiro, who has done a total of 15 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections and who is presently gang free, drug free and crime free. Ramiro was most recently a gang prevention/intervention specialist for BUILD in Chicago and is currently talking with Luis in California and other states on the re-imagination of incarceration/alternative sentencing and the end of the prison industrial complex.

Listen to the recording below to learn how we must change the school to prison system in America.

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Raise the Minimum Wage

The Justice Party seeks economic solutions that lead to economic prosperity for all Americans through measures that will grow the Main Street economy and address the causes of the gross disparity in wealth and income in the United States, now greater than at any time since the 1920's. Ralph Nader, a well known political activist, attorney, lecturer and consumer advocate, who gained notoriety as a crusader of car safety reform in the '60s, has launched, with the Center for the Study of Responsive Law, Time for a Raise, a campaign to increase the federal minimum wage as a prosperity measure to help lift people out of poverty and improve the economy as a whole.


Listen to the recording below to learn how raising the minimum wage will help the economy grow.

Please Note: Due to technical issues, the call recording begins mid-way through Mr. Nader's speech.

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Public Banking for "We the People"

On April 6, 2013, Ellen Brown of the Public Banking Institute joined Rocky Anderson in a thoughtful discussion relating to the 2008 economic crash and what we can do to protect our state and local economies when Wall Street Banks tank. Fortunately, we have an operating model in North Dakota to learn from: A public state bank.

Listen to the recording below to learn how public state banks save taxpayer dollars and help the economy grow.

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End Indefinite Detention

A discussion with our founder, Rocky Anderson, and BORDC's Shahid Buttar & George Friday. The issue of indefinite detention is a clear injustice, which must be righted if we are to retain our constitutionally protected civil liberties. The Bill of Rights Defense Committee has an outstanding record fighting for our rights.

The Bill of Rights Defense Committee ( is working around the country to support local and statewide coalitions challenging the NDAA's domestic military detention provisions. In 18 cities, residents have clamored for--and secured--official city council resolutions. Four states, both red and blue, have adopted statewide resolutions to restore Due Process. Your town and your state could be next.

Local and state resolutions are immensely important to the struggle to challenge the national security state. Every resolution positions not only grassroots activists, but also elected officials, to engage their respective congresspeople when the NDAA comes up for reauthorization later this year. Every campaign educates the public, and many also inform the press and media, such as the one that secured a unanimous vote in the San Francisco Board of Supervisors on February 26, 2013.

BORDC specializes in helping grassroots activists and organizers build diverse coalitions at the local level able. We're eager and excited to work with supporters of the Justice (and any other) Party to advance goals--like due process, privacy, and limits on executive power--that resonate across the political spectrum.

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