Mike Kaminski

  • Justice Party Membership

    National Party Membership

    To join the Justice Party as an national party member, please complete the form below. Please specify if you wish to join as a Sustaining Member or as a Full Member. Descriptions of national party membership levels are below.

    State Party Membership

    For state party affiliation, please visit the Secretary of State of your home state for the voter registration procedure and change of party affiliation.

    National Membership Level

    • Full Members
      Full Members commit to playing an active role in Justice Party work. They are invited to subscribe to the Member mailing list for information and discussion concerning organizational matters, and they are entitled to vote at National Conventions. There are two ways to join as a Full Member:

      1. Any member of an affiliated state party automatically qualifies as a Full Member of the national party; state parties set their own criteria for membership.
      2. Or, you can become an individual Full Member of the Justice Party, either by making a monetary contribution of at least $10 to the national party, or by putting in at least five hours (per year) of volunteer time to support Justice Party candidate campaigns or otherwise engaging in activity to build the Justice Party.
    • Sustaining Members
      Sustaining Members are those who wish to support the Justice Party monetarily or with their time, but are unable commit to playing a more active role in the party. They will be kept fully informed of relevant Justice Party activity, and they may be consulted on Party matters, but they cannot vote at National Conventions.
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