In order to fulfill our vision and mission, to inform our platform, and to enhance collaboration with other organizations working on important justice issues, The Justice Party National Steering Committee hosts conference calls to educate and take action on issues relating to our three pillars of justice.


Social Justice:


 Economic Justice:


Environmental Justice:

  • Combat Human-Caused Climate Instability
  • Protect Our Air, Water, and Food Supply


If you have a specific suggestion for an issue/action call, please enter your idea in the comment box at the bottom of this page. Use the contact us link below for other questions or comments.



Bring Justice to America

Your participation is integral to the quality and representation of the Justice Party. Please help us work towards a better America by donating, volunteering, sharing our message on social sites, speaking with your family, friends and neighbors, building your state's Justice Party and engaging with other progressives and independents.

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